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How to setup Darwin Streaming Server on Windows

PS: Part 2 of this article can be found here.

What is Darwin Streaming Server?

Darwin Streaming Server is an open source, free to use streaming server from Apple. The commercial version of this server is the Quick Time Streaming Server.

Where do I get it from?

The Darwin streaming server source code can be downloaded here. You need an Apple ID for this. Registration is free – go get an Apple ID for yourself.

How do I install?

Once you download the source code, you will see a install.bat in the root directory. Just double click on it and the batch file will copy the necessary files under C:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server. This is all the installation required.

How do I start streaming?

Along with the source code, Apple ships a few sample video clips which are ready to be streamed. All these video clips are under the C:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server\Movies folder. You can stream any of these video clips and view it on a player. Open up a command prompt. Go to C:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server and start Darwin server by typing DarwinStreamingServer.exe -d. If all is fine, you will get some INFO messages and a message that says ‘Streaming Server done starting up’. This means the server is up and ready to accept client connections.

If you get an error something like ‘WARNING: Another process is already using the following RTSP port: 554’, then the Darwin Service is already running in the background and you don’t have to start the server explicitly.

Your server is ready and all set to stream.

How do I connect using a player?

VLC Player: File->Open Network Stream. Select RTSP and give the URL as rtsp://localhost:554/sample_100kbit.mp4

QuickTime player: File->Open URL. Give the URL as rtsp://localhost:554/sample_100kbit.mp4

If all is fine, you should see an animated ‘Q’ – logo of Quick Time.

More info?

Google is of course there.

Administrator’s guide.


Darwin users mailing list.