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A new journey

Not that anybody noticed, but I had been away from this blog for quite sometime. I was very much in touch with the corporate world, happily coding away, it is just blogging which I turned away from. No reason as such, apart from the fact that I suddenly found myself nothing new to say on this blog. And now I am back because I feel I should share my experience about my latest journey.

The journey I am alluding to is my PMP journey. I started out as a developer and slowly down the path, I took a turn towards project management. After gaining some hands-on experience, I decided to take up the mother of all PM certifications, PMP. It was a 2-month long, arduous journey, but very enjoyable and fruitful. I cleared the exam with 4P (Proficient) and 1MP (Moderately Proficient). While there are countless sites and blogs out there which tell you how to pass PMP at the first attempt and I might not have anything new to offer, I still want to share my experience, mainly because my intent is to share and not gain anything out of it.

I plan to do this as a series and cover study material, mock exams, question banks and my own study notes. Stay tuned.

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