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Review: Introduction to Silverlight 3 by Laurence Moroney

The book intends to give an overview of the features in Silverlight 3. It starts with very basic things like creating a Hello world project in Silverlight 3, the different elements in SL3 project and hand coding all those elements outside the Visual Studio environment. Later on, the book dives into advanced-beginner topics like writing XAML code, using Expression Blend etc.

The book touches on different topics at a superficial level and doesn’t give deep insight into any of the topics. This is what is expected from an ‘Introduction’ book, so the purpose is served. There is a detailed section (couple of chapters) on UI controls available in SL3. It introduces basic controls like Button, Text Block, Label and moves on to slightly advanced controls like DataGrid, ScrollViewer etc. The author explains designing UI using XAML. This is a must for anyone who don’t have Blend. Learning XAML is the biggest challenge in XAML, in my opinion.

There is a small section on MVVM where the author discusses two-way data binding. I was hoping this section would be a bit deeper, but I guess that was not in the scope of this book.

The intention of the book is not to showcase the differences in SL3 and the previous versions of Silverlight. It isolates SL3 and focuses only on this version. For someone who is starting to learn Silvelright and chooses SL3 as the version, then this book is ideal to start with. The reader need not worry about the compatibility issues with older versions unnecessarily.

If you are looking for a quick familiarity to Silverlight 3, then this is the book for you.

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Did Raymond Chandler invent Google?

Raymond Chandler used the word ‘Google’ in one of his letters. Did he coin the word?

The sudden brightness swung me round and the Fourth Moon had already risen. I had exactly four seconds to hot up the disintegrator and Google had told me it wasn’t enough.’ “

Books to read before you die

Wordwing Editor has come out with a list of 30 books you should read before you die. I have read 5 in that list list and I haven’t heard of 10. The list is not ‘correct’ in any sense. Mark Haddon’s Curious incident of the dog in the night time and Jane Auten’s Pride and Prejudice do not go together. I personally do not agree with Gone with the wind being on the list. Life of Pi: definitely not! And I whole-heartedly support To kill a mocking bird. Now, that is one book that you have to read before you die.

So how many of these have you read?

Considering that I have to read 25 books in that list, I better not die too soon.


Abebooks is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away free not-books. What are not-books you ask? They are books which are not really books. They are non-existent. The picture says it all.