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Article on software patents

Jeff Atwood has an interesting and thought-provoking article on software patents. Read it if you haven’t yet.

I had goosebumps when I read this:

Think about that for a minute. Seriously think about it. Every time you write code — even a brand new algorithm in a clean room environment— you could be infringing a patent, somehow, somewhere.


The Speaking Tree

If Times of India does one good thing, then it is publishing the column ‘The Speaking Tree’. It is a daily column aimed at providing insight into spirituality. Today’s article is an interesting read, it talks about the relationship with oneself. In this chaotic world, if one has to find inner peace, one should have a strong bonding with oneself. Sounds silly? Well, then you don’t know what solitude is.

Here is the RSS feed for The Speaking Tree column, for those interested.

Article on Multi-threading in C#.NET

For anybody who wants to gain some basic and intermediate knowledge on multithreading in C#.NET, John Skeet’s article is a must read.

The article displays the in-depth knowledge of the author on this topic. The author has painstakingly listed down the different synchronization objects available in C#. He also lists the pitfalls that one might get into while programming using threads. That explains why the article is so lengthy.

This article has everything one needs to know about multi-threading in the .NET environment. Bookmark it, you know you will need it one day.

.NET Remoting, Marshalling, yada yada

A search for basics on .NET remoting threw up these really useful articles. Bookmark them, you never know when you might need it.

Introduction to .NET Remoting

Copying, Cloning, and Marshalling in .NET

Do you have a Googly name

Have you ever googled your own name? Your significant other’s? Your boss? Your school?

9 out of 10 people will answer yes to all the questions above. (Don’t ask me where I got those statistics from. Hey, the very fact that you are reading this post is enough for me to make up those numbers!)

International Herald Tribune has a very interesting article about how Google has pervaded our lives. She narrates a few incidents where her Googly name (yeah, I made up that word. Googly name: n. A name when Googled returns accurate and more hits) has worked against her.

Funnily enough, she has written this article under a pseudonym.