Telecon with global team lead

We all know what conference rooms are. We also know that employees-conference rooms ratio is not really ideal in most of the organizations. People haggle over rooms for their meetings, telecons, presentations and what nots.

Thanks to a very strict manager in my previous organization, I know the importance of booking a conference room for any meeting and being present in the room well before the designated telecon time. Looks like no manager in my current organization has been able to teach these simple “rules” to the employees here.

We have meetings like innovation workshops, code reviews and tracking meetings and are less critical compared to telecon with the overseas team or “global team lead”. Still, we religiously book a conference room and park ourselves there well before time. 9 out of 10 times somebody would have occupied it. We have to “display” ourselves and let them know that we are waiting for the room. Apparently, they don’t get the message. They think we are snooping around to see if there is any room which we can hijack. After waiting for a few minutes, we knock and tell them in clear words that the room is ours because we have booked it.

What happens next depends on who is asking for the room. If it is a young person, they usually write off saying they booked the room and kick us out. If there is a guy looking like a lead, then there is a sarcastic “You booked the room? We have been using this room for telecon since 2 years” as if that gives them the authority to hijack the room whenever they want. If there is a manager around, a senior guy from the hijackers team will make a sincere yet authoritative request “We are having a telcon with the global team lead. I am already on the call. Can’t hang up now. Please find another room for yourself.” The word ‘please’ is hardly audible.

Now this is where my blood starts boiling. Nobody, not even the manager, not even the lead dare even ask “If you have a telecon with your team lead, why didn’t you book a room”. Why doesn’t anybody have the guts to say that? If I could have it my way, I would barge into the room and ask all of them to leave.

Somebody please come to my organization and put some sense into all the heads here. All the people need their brains to be washed with Mr. Brain Whitener and need to be taught about etiquettes.

If you are reading this and are guilty of hijacking a room, I urge you to stop doing that. Please.


3 thoughts on “Telecon with global team lead

  1. Anu says:

    oh! I couldn’t agree more.
    Recently we moved to a new building and the same scenes would be enacted. Though the bookings were possible in Outlook, people just didn’t bother! While some would give me strange looks which said – “oh u did book the room, did u?” others would nonchalantly ask me to take another room! People lack office manners, I tell you! hmpf!

  2. Cederash says:

    Шрифт трудновато читается у вас на блоге

  3. Avertedd says:

    Зер гуд ставлю 5 балов.

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