Setting up Darwin Streaming Server – Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

Darwin Streaming Server documentation states that the video clips that need to be streamed should be under the Movies folder. This, on Windows, is C:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server\Movies. When the server receives a RTSP request for a video clip, it checks this folder for that file. What is not documented is that the server looks recursively under the sub-folders for the requested video clip.

So, if you have folders like Songs, FunnyVideos etc. under Movies folder, Darwin server will be able to stream all video clips under these sub-folders. Catch: These sub-folders should not contain spaces! If a sub-folder ‘Funny Videos’ is present under Movies folder and you request for a file which is under ‘Funny Videos’, Darwin server will return a 404 Not Found error.

I wonder why this is not included in Darwin Streaming Server documentation.


15 thoughts on “Setting up Darwin Streaming Server – Part 2

  1. tim kelley says:

    thanks. clear and concise. maybe a follow up on darwin stream?

  2. anaamica says:

    Thanks, Tim. A follow up on Darwin stream? You mean how to stream using Darwin server? You can find that here:

  3. timk says:

    looking now though one puzzle
    does the DSS have to be on a server or can it be running on an xp machine

  4. anaamica says:

    It can run on an XP machine. The best part is Darwin doesn’t consume much CPU time, so you don’t need any high-end machine.

  5. cfrancis says:

    Hi ana…Thanx on your brief descr..but how to setup? don’t u need to install the perl first ? I couldn’t access to the webadmin view…can u help me on this?..a milion thanx

  6. navneet.Gupta says:

    Hi thanks for this information

    Navneet Gupta

  7. cshelly says:

    Will DSS run on Win 2K?

  8. Ed says:

    Can DarwinStreamingServer.exe be settup as a windows service? if so, how? also, can the default directory for the streamed movies be changed to any directory of my choice?

  9. KIKI GUNAWAN says:

    @Ed says
    Yes it is possible to set DSS as windows service.

    I Ever try it, if i not wrong it use wperl with some parameters.

  10. Seth77 says:

    Thank you for the much needed help. DSS works fine. However I am trying to stream video to a FlashLite application. I get a time out error.

    Any ideas on how to go about solving this problem?

    Kind regards

  11. Filipe says:

    Hi guys

    i need someone to help me out configuring darwin on a server and develop some work around connection with ffmpeg

    anyone available to make some workaround

    my email:

    regards to all

  12. Where can I find the DSS Installer file for windows?

  13. phong says:

    I have coppy video to ” Movies” folder, but I can not stream it :(. How to fix it ?

  14. I know this is an old post but I have just spent a while writing a simple installer for DSS on CentOS its available on my blog at:

    Should also work find on any redhat based OS and Ubuntu

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