Two CPUs. Two monitors. One mouse. One keyboard. The equation doesn’t sound feasible? Synergy makes it feasible.

Synergy is an open source tool, implemented in C++ which lets you share a mouse and a keyboard between multiple computers. The application is small and considering that it works over TCP/IP, it is really fast.

Setting up Synergy is very easy. Install Synergy on all machines you want access to. Assign one machine as server and the others as client. What is the difference? The mouse and keyboard which is assigned as server shares the peripherals between all machines whereas the peripherals belonging to the clients are just theirs – there is no sharing.

Matt Cutts introduced me to this nifty tool and now that I have used it for a week, I am wondering how I ever survived without it. Matt gives a good step-by-step description of setting up Synergy. Go over to his blog or see the help page on Synergy Sourceforge. Install it and liberate yourself from managing multiple mouses and keyboards.


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