Attensa: RSS Reader for Outlook

Working in a company which does not allow employees to use any other email client but Outlook, I was forced to look for an RSS reader which can plug in to Outlook and let me read the interesting blogs on my list.

A quick google pointed me to Attensa. Trusting a few google results, I downloaded Attensa and installed it. I haven’t regretted it. I like the simplicity of it. It sits as a plug-in in my Outlook and has a similar interface as Outlook mailbox. Each RSS feed has its own folder (not mandatory, this is configurable) and all posts will be listed under their respective folders. The frequency of checking for new posts is configurable and so are the alerts. Attensa supports Outlook’s desktop alerts.

The one thing that I hate about Attensa is it’s ‘River Views’ or some such thing. They have tried to give a view from which you can read all new posts of all your feeds. There is so much information on this page and it’s so messy, the moment you see it, you will change the view. If designed well, this view can actually be helpful.

For anybody who is still using Outlook and looking for an RSS reader, Attensa is a good choice.


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