Where did you find that?

Attensa had been troublesome since yesterday and I finally decided to re-install it. With a registry clean-up (thanks to my husband’s guidance) and a three finger salute (I admit I didn’t press CTRL+ALT+DEL, but I did reboot my machine), Attensa is finally up and running. This made me realize I have around 20 feeds in my list. My mind wandered off to how I came about having these feeds on my list.

I have my own blogs on the feed list. This I do to ensure my blogs are ticking fine. Few belong to my friends, who voluntarily gave their blogs’ links. Not considering those 8-10 feeds which include my blogs and my cousins’ or friends’ blogs, I still have around a dozen to account for.

Worse than failure: I know where I got that from. It was listed under the Time’s Top 50 websites for 2005 (was it 2006?). I think I discovered Lifehacker too in pretty much the same way.

Scobleizer: One will bump into this blog someway or the other, one can’t miss it. In my case, the credit goes to WordPress dashboard.

Zen habits: Lifehacker linked to one of the articles on this blog, which I religiously followed. I have learnt quite a bit from it.

I can look at one or two more feeds and vaguely remember my friends’ recommending it or my boss forwarding it or my husband pointing it out. But the rest remains a mystery. I have no idea how I came across that blog and when. All I know is every single day, I come to my workplace, check my official mails and spend at least half an hour in glancing over these feeds. They do make my day. I keep discovering or learning something or the other everyday.

It is just amazing how, against all odds, you land up on one particular blog which grabs you. The first post impresses you so much, you just have to have that blog on your feed list. With more than a dozen wonderful blogs which I thoroughly enjoy reading, I can’t help but wonder, how many more gems are out there in the world of web which I am yet to discover. That is one more reason why I take my feed list so seriously. I hope to be introduced to yet another interesting blog through this.

Every day is a new discovery, thanks to my feed list. And this list keeps growing.


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