World Environment Day

I was reminded by the banner outside my office that today is World Environment Day. The cafeteria was noisier than usual, thanks for the documentary that was being shown to celebrate this day. The documentary was about Taj Mahal and how we Indians were neglecting it. The narrator was an American, this told me that the documentary was likely to have been made by an American.

There was an interesting point that the narrator touched. She said India’s priorities did not lie in conserving it’s rich heritage, but in controlling poverty. I thought to myself ‘If you know this fact, then why waste time in making this documentary?’

When people are starving to death everyday, would you think of providing them food for their survival or think of beautifying Taj Mahal?

I know, World Environment Day is not just about preserving ancient monuments, so let me move on. I asked myself this question today, ‘What am I doing to conserve my environment? What is my contribution to this world?’ Not surprisingly, I didn’t get an answer.

Things I don’t do:

I continue to use plastic even when I know how harmful it is for the world around me.

My family owns two bikes and a car. I am adding quite a bit pollutants to the already polluted air around me.

I am not using any alternative energy, I still rely on LPG and hydro-electric power.

Things I do:

I don’t own a refrigerator, so I am not adding any more CFC’s than what’s already there.

I don’t throw anything on the road. I mean to say, I don’t litter. This is more towards keeping your surrounding clean rather than conserving it.

I have quite a few plants in my house. I can say I am keeping my household green.

I don’t waste water and I am very particular about not wasting electricity.

I don’t throw plastic bottles out in the open, be it in my own city or any other tourist place I visit. I always trash it. I try to reuse as much plastic as I can.

I know it’s not much, but at least I am doing something.


7 thoughts on “World Environment Day

  1. wordlywise says:

    Appreciate your do’s. Awareness is the first step. Unfortunately, rather than making people conscious about living in harmony with our environment, most environmentalists are scaring them with threats of global warming, which is, at best, a speculative phenomenon.
    We must do things not because we’re scared but because we are a part of the this environment!

  2. generally says:

    Thanks for the comments, worldlywise. I think these environmentalists are so engrossed in looking at the big picture of planet earth, that they miss looking at the smaller details.

  3. wordlywise says:

    You bet! I call them traders of fear. For them, fear and paranoia is business. And why not! Billions are at stake.
    Meanwhile, common folks like you and me should continue to do (or don’t) whatever it takes to keep the ecologyy in harmony. Small gestures mean a lot more than empty rhetoric.
    Stay well.

  4. Anoop John says:

    You could check out this site for some good tips on things that you can do on a routine basis and make a positive impact

  5. Anaamica says:

    Thanks for the link. I will have a look at it.

  6. Anoop John says:

    Regarding plastic you could check out how I managed the trick

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