The question I hate the most

is “Tell me about yourself”.

I have been attending interviews recently and the last four interviews started with this exact question. Why, oh why, should every interview start with this question? Do you think this is a good ice-breaker? You are wrong. You can’t hurl this kind of a vague question at the interviewee and expect to make him/her feel comfortable. And what answer do you expect anyway? You want to know when my milk teeth fell off or how I hated my professor’s paunch or how much toothpaste do I put on my brush or what is my favorite color? If you want to know about my school life, ask me ‘Tell me about your education’. Or if you want to know about my previous companies, then ask that. Be specific. ‘Tell me about yourself’ is such a vague question, the moment I hear it, I start thinking about all those things which you wouldn’t want to know. The next time I am asked this, I am going to scream. Really loud.

Interviewers, please stop asking this question. Please.


4 thoughts on “The question I hate the most

  1. wordlywise says:

    You bet! This is indeed one interview cliche that everyone loathes.

  2. Anonymous Girl says:

    About me.
    I don’t even know what they want to know when they ask that. What about me? Like, you think I can tell you everything about me in a few words or sentences?
    Like, you really care anyway?

  3. Anoop John says:

    From an interviewers perspective, this is exactly what is being expected. The question is going to put the candidate in a position where he/she has to identify the topics that he/she thinks are relevant and then discuss about it. Also this would give the interviewer more options to start asking more questions. So yes you are supposed to get uncomfortable and not comfortable :).

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