A ray of hope…

A piece of news caught my eye the other day. Apparently, it was raining money in Bangalore. A bunch (a big one) of currency notes lay scattered and people were making merry by gathering as many as they could. A man who was passing by did the same. He collected money close to 20,000 Rs. And he didn’t keep it! The rest of the people took home the easily earned money. But this noble man went to the nearest police station and handed over the money asking them to return it to the rightful owner. This news in itself doesn’t mean much. But, it does say a lot of things about the current state of affairs. For every fifty men (I am assuming there were around 50 people snatching up money there) is honest. People like this noble man strengthen the feeble hope in us that the world is still good.

A salute to the man and his honesty.


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