Year end wrap up

With 6 months of blogging and close to 4,000 hits behind my back, I can look back and feel happy. This was one of my achievements this year. Generally was born in June 2006 and has been constantly growing till then. Among all the million and zillion blogs in the universe, mine is a tiny speck. I didn’t start this blog to make a difference to the world or to bring in world peace. I started it to share a few thoughts, ideas, hacks, tips and generally, talk.

I blog about my work. I use some hacks, write some scripts, find some tools to make my life simpler and I share those with you. I find out how to open an explorer from the command line, I figure out how to enable msbuild in cygwin, I discover a helpful Enum method and it’s all there for you to see. I have been working on C# for the past few months and you can see a lot of posts on that.

I blog about my hobbies. I wrote a post on multiple row toolbars in Firefox (which has been attracting readers ever since), I discovered Ranorex, the GUI automation tool. I try my hand at writing at times and I post occasionally on that. You can see posts on phrases, books, ads etc.

Travel is another passion of mine and I blog about it on my travel blog, Aseema. Yet another blog of mine, My Book Shelf is dedicated to book reviews. Music, which is an important part of my life gets special attention on this blog, Saregama. So, Generally is my play area where I try different games, try a few hacks and share a few jokes.

This will be my last post for the year. As I bid good-bye to the year that’s going by and extend a warm welcome to young 2007, let me end this post by listing some of the posts which I am proud of. If you are looking for something else, the sidebar is always there.

Mumbaites: really rude?
Origin of foobar
Exposing your .NET assembly through COM
C# and typedef
Multiple row toolbar in Firefox
Finding number of elements in enumeration
Windows Hack: Open an explorer from the command line
I don’t know and I don’t care

Happy Holidays and wish you all a happy new year. May life treat you better this coming year.


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