C# Properties

I am sure you would have used Properties if you have written a fairly large C# program. I too have. Many of them.

A word of caution about it though. Properties are methods, MSDN calls them special methods. Either way, they are functions. The stack is modified, variables are copied, function is executed, a value is returned and stack is modified again. All this to access one variable.

If you declare a member variable as private and give users complete access to it by using get and set properties, then it’s certainly a better idea to just remove the properties and give direct access to it. Imagine the number of function calls you will be saving.

Moreover, in debug mode, if you add a watch on a variable, the get property is executed every time to refresh the value of the variable. I know time constraints don’t hold while debugging, but yoy may manage to speeden up your debugging process by a itsy-bitsy amount.


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