Wanna know my caller tune? Call me! No, thank you.

A new annoying thing has cropped up among the youngsters these days. Caller tunes. I call up my cousin to let her know the phone number she wanted and as soon as I dial her number, I here Himesh Reshammiya crooning “Aashiq banaya aapne” in his utterly irritating nasal voice.

I dial my friend’s number and I here “Dhoop nikalti hai jahan se”. This time at least the song and singer are worth listening to.

Another friend of mine who is a sai bhakt has “Om Sai” chanting. It doesn’t make it any less irritating, sorry.

Why don’t these people realize that this is as idiotic as it can get? It’s like having “Bheege Honth tere” as your ring tone and it rings at its fullest volume in your office. Don’t people know anything about professionalism? I over heard a manager lecturing his subordinates about office etiquettes. He was telling them things like “Put your phone on silent” and “Don’t have loud (read vulgar) songs as ring tones”. Same with caller tunes. Imagine your boss calls you up to remind you about the client meeting and hears the song “Humko tumse pyar hai” or “Koi nahi hai kamre mein”? Would you want to be in his position? No Sir, not me.

It’s time people realized that with these ring tones and caller tunes, they evade others’ personal spaces. More importantly, they end up looking stupid. Please. Don’t do it.


2 thoughts on “Wanna know my caller tune? Call me! No, thank you.

  1. Anonymous Girl says:

    Oh well, would you believe it, I know someone who had “Beedi” as the Caller Tune. He was a guy. Like, a huge, uncleji kinda man.
    Problem was, he hadn’t put it himself.
    The service provider had.
    Doesn’t cover it.

  2. anaamica says:

    Oh this is even worse. Service providers doing these things behind your back! And the worst part is you will never know what your caller tune is because you rarely (err… never) call your own number.

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