Blog shy?

Why do people start a blog and not share their blog URL with others? I thought the main reason why you wrote a blog was to let others know what you think/feel, ain’t it?

Oh, oh, don’t look at me. I know, I am equally blamed for doing this. To answer this question, I would say I don’t want to give out this blog URL to others because I don’t want to associate my name with this blog. I don’t mind if someone discovers my blog and appreciates/hates it. As long as they don’t know the hands and the brain behind those posts are mine, I am fine with it. Why, you ask? Well, I don’t know. May I am blog shy. I write short stories under a pseudonym. If someone reads my stories, I am fine with it. They shouldn’t know that I have written it.

but I don’t like being popular, being famous. I can’t stand compliments (derogatory or otherwise). I want to be in a haze, behind a veil and quietly see what people are saying about my blog. Not that I get a chance, because people don’t say much! So, why not leave a comment, huh? Go ahead, make my day!


3 thoughts on “Blog shy?

  1. Anoop John says:

    I can prove that you cannot forever remain anonymous in the blog world. You will inevitably have to write about things that you come across in your daily life and when those who know you stumble upon your blog, they will be able to identify you with the blog. And then fame – by the time you are famous your anonymity will be blown to smithereens :).

    PS: It is a pity your blog does not have a subscribe option for comments – It would really be a pain to come back and check to see if somebody answered my comments. I believe wordpress must have a module which can do that for you.

  2. Anaamica says:


    I know, one cannot be really anonymous on the internet. I was referring to voluntarily disclose your identity rather waiting for someone to identify you.

    You can subscribe to this feed to get all the comments on this blog:

  3. Anoop John says:

    I get your point.
    I was referring to this statement of yours

    I want to be in a haze, behind a veil and quietly see what people are saying about my blog.

    And regarding comments –
    I just need to get replies to my comments 🙂

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