T for two, T for togetherness

Happy moments, sad seconds,
We have seen it all
Our marriage turns two
It stands so tall

Mellow music in darkened room,
You holding me, I staring at you,
Rafi, Sonu, Lata or Asha, who cares,
What we enjoyed was one another

Salty cheeks, wet pillows,
Upset moods, low spirits,
Red eyes from crying all night,
Living together, but like strangers

We have been through all,
And are still together,
That shows the strength
Of our love, our life

We will soon step into
A new phase of life
We will see ourselves
In someone else’s eyes

I will see you, when she smiles
And I will remember you, when she cries
She will be the living proof
Of our marriage and our love

With all my heart and soul I wish,
A very happy wedding anniversary,
Hope our love continues to grow,
Hope it never ceases

Hope to see a new face of our love,
A face which will remind us of each other,
A name which will be sweetest to us,
And a kid which will be OURS.


One thought on “T for two, T for togetherness

  1. gia says:

    very nice!

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