Ranorex: Gui test automation library

If you ever attempted at testing a Windows based GUI application, you know the woes that are involved in it. The tools available for automating GUI tests are far inferior compared to the tools available for creating the GUI application itself. Bridging this barried to some extent, is this GUI test automation library from Ranorex. It’s free to use, but not open source.

It has high level methods to find a button, menu strip, form, text box and much more. These methods return an object of type that you are looking for and using these, you can perform operations on the object as if you are actually using the GUI. You can simulate mouse movement, mouse clicks, keyboard strokes et al. What else could one ask for?

They have a few samples which demonstrate how to use their library to simulate actions on a scientific calculator, a .NET application etc. The sample code is neat, which tells me that the library code is equally neat or neater. They provide an application named RanorexSpy which is similar to WinSpy. For people who do not know this, it’s an application using which you can find out properties of any application, like window handles and control names etc.

Now only if they made this toy open source! I am dying to know what secret are they keeping.

From their site:

Ranorex is a Windows GUI test and automation Library for C++, Python and for the .Net languages. Ranorex doesn’t have a scripting language of its own like other test tools. The user (e.g. the software tester) should use the functionalities of the powerful programming languages like Python or C # as a base, and enlarge it with the GUI automation functionality of Ranorex.


2 thoughts on “Ranorex: Gui test automation library

  1. Tom says:

    You should probably have a look at Test Automation FX as well, they seem to have something good going on. I really like the way my testing code looks with their framework. Same thing there, free but not open source (at least not yet…) Check it out at http://www.testautomationfx.com.


  2. Anaamica says:

    Thanks Tom. I will have a look at it.

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