Happydent: Eesmile

The other day, this ad cuaght my eye when I was changing channels. Happydent chewing gum brand has come up with a brilliant ad which will give its rival, Orbit, a run for money.

The previous ad was about using white teeth as a flash for taking photographs. This simple concept is taken a step further and the new ad shows that Happydent white teeth can be used any place where you need light. Street lights, car headlights, reading lights… get the idea?

The lead actor is superb. He has the right amount of anxiety and tension on his face. The wonderful background score has a touch of sufi music and has been composed by none other than Shantanu Moitra. For lesser mortals who don’t recognise the name, he is the music director of Parineeta. The agency behind this ad is McCann-Erickson.

If there is anything worth watching on the idiot box, then this is it.

If you are lucky enough to not have TV, then you can watch this ad here.


7 thoughts on “Happydent: Eesmile

  1. I disagree. Please see my blog at

  2. generally says:

    I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but it expects me to have an account to do so and I am sorry, I don’t want to create an account just to leave a comment. So here goes my reaction.

    I don’t understand what made you think of slavery. They are workers, their job is to ‘provide’ light. I have no idea why you brought in this overseas-master and Indians being shown as slaves. If you look closely, the person who they are working for is an ‘Indian’ king, not a British officer! The simple concept of a whole city lightened up by people eating gums is so innovative. Look beyond your tinted glasses and may be you will be able to appreciate it.

  3. Avik says:

    can anybody tell me from which site can I download the ad?

  4. generally says:

    Avik, I couldn’t find a site which let me download this ad. I don’t think one could download ads. You can definitely view the ad at the link I have given in the post. Here: http://www.agencyfaqs.com/advertising/imedia/rams/2006/happydent_white_20072006.ram

  5. ickchariye says:

    Arattaiarangam… I think this is one of the most creative ads i’ve seen in a while (unlike the faggoty Saab ad you have on your blog). So yeah… I agree with generally… get a life and look beyond your tinted glasses!

  6. generally says:

    Thanks for the comments, ickchariyem, glad we think alike.

  7. Alx33 says:

    The ad is wonderful on many levels. It makes fun of the upper class (from the bitchy swimmer doing a beely flop, to the girl missing the tennis ball, to the old guy snoozing) in a time of low technology of the past. Does it bring out social strata? of course ..but guess what, it existed then and still does…could have just as easily been brought forward to office workers doing mundane menial tasks and working for Trump. Look at old 3 Stooges or anything from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s and one will see the same thing…except reality was worse..workers were “expendable” in real life..this is a light hearted (sorry for the pun) look which actually has the gum chewers(workers not slaves) have admirable qualities of youth and good looks..I’d like to chew the gum if it makes me look that good..they sold me..

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