Mumbai blasts

Mumbaikars were holding their breath for July 26th to pass by and the terror struck much before that. A series of 7-8 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai and left people spell bound.

As the local train compartments were ripped open, people panicked and started calling their near and dear ones. Needless to say, that jammed the phone lines.

People on the platform, who witnessed the bomb blasts and those who heard the blast came rushing to the station to help the victims. A person was interviwed by a DH correspeondent and he said, “I don’t have time to talk to you now. I need to get back here with some food, water and medicines.

Common public helped the police in the rescue operations. They could have chosen to stay at home and thank their stars, but they didn’t. Would you call these people rude? Helping someone pick up a stack of papers in one thing; but helping the police in rescuing people and supplying food and water to people stuck at the station is a completely different thing. What would you want help with: saving your life or picking up a heap of papers? And somebody had the nerve to call Mumbaikars rude? Reader’s Digest, are you listening?


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