Why is Linux better

I guess people won’t switch to Linux because it’s free (as in free speech, they probably don’t care) or because it’s free (as in free beer, they probably think they didn’t pay for Windows), but because they see new, great features that Windows doesn’t have. So here are a few reasons why Linux rocks!


2 thoughts on “Why is Linux better

  1. Marc says:

    I installed Windows 2000 last night. I hadn’t done a Windows install in a while and I remembered what drives me nuts about Windows.

    Install. Reboot. Install chipset drivers. Reboot. Install Intel Application Accelerator. Reboot. Install ethernet drivers. Reboot. Get SP4. Reboot. Get IE 6. Reboot. Windows Update – 20 security patches. Reboot. Windows Update – get more stuff. Reboot.

  2. generally says:

    Ha … ha … I know. I share your feelings 🙂

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