Mumbaites: really rude?

Reader's digest conducted a survey to find out the courtesy levels in some of the most famous cities of the world. A rude shock to Indians, Mumbai takes away the crown of the rudest city in the world.

Given the fact that most (should I say all?) of the middle class people travel in stuffed, stinking, claustrophobic local train for atleast 2 hours a day, every day of their lives without fail, can we let them be a little less courteous? I have experienced the coldness of the people as you stand on the local train platform staring blankly at the train status display, not knowing what those code letters meant, but I wouldn't call the people rude. Yes, they are indifferent sometimes, but definitely not rude. They will help you if you ask them. They won't go out of their way to offer you any help, but if you go to them, they won't turn you down.

My husband puts it in a nice way. "When the local train is at the platform and you want to get in, people won't let you get in, but once the train starts moving and if you are hanging at the door, the same people won't let you fall".

Hats off to the mighty Mumbaites.


One thought on “Mumbaites: really rude?

  1. Anirudha Tamhane says:

    I completely agree with the indifferent nature of people in Mumbai, but they are certainly not rude. I have travelled by local trains occasionally when I was a child; but I had to travel daily when I was working with a company situated in the down-town of the city. And I have experienced how people won’t let you fall if you are hanging at the train’s door. I believe, people here won’t interfere unless you want them to; and we certainly can’t call it “being rude..!”. Every person can have the personal space here in this city, even though the city has ran out of space. What a poetic thought…! But very true…! This city won’t misguide those who are new to it. The so-called rude behavior is expected, don’t you think so, when one has to travel 4 hours a day in jam-packed local trains, buses, in addition to on an average 10 hours of work at workplace…? Overall hot and humid climate with heavy rains in rainy season, which many times chokes the life-line of the city i.e. local trains; and yet they are expected to not have a late mark on the office muster. Aren’t we expecting too much from them…? I will say, the city has a healthy hospitality in spite of all these odds. Please don’t call them “Rude..!”

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